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Who are we?

Dansk Boligformidling/ Danish Homes is Denmark's largest and oldest real estate firm specializing in the sale and rental of housing, including to personnel stationed here from international companies, embassies, organizations and others.

We also have a commercial department under the name Dansk Erhvervsformidling, where we can offer to rent or sell everything from shops and offices to large industrial and residential properties.

We are member of the Danish Real Estate Association and are consequently insured against economic liability, we also have lawyers on staff.

We are professionals in the form of certified real estate agents and associates, with many years of commercial experience. We have both a rental and a sales department, each with their own web page so that you may put your property up for rent and for sale, should you wish to use both options.


With its more than 30 years of experience, Dansk Boligformiding/ Danish Homes has built a giant network of clients consisting of departing and returning expatriates, diplomats, business people, embassies and companies.

Our clients: A. P. Møller - Mærsk, IBM, SAS, Novo Nordisk, Dansk Shell, Statoil, Dong Energy, ISS, Hempel, Hess Danmark, Schneider Electric Danmark, Air Liquide Denmark, Codan Forsikring, Lloyld's Register.

Organizations like for instance: Unicef, Who and Unops. Embassies like for instance, the American, British, Canadian, Norwegian, Austrian and banks as Danske Bank, Nordea, DnB Nord and several more.

We also have many clients primarily in Copenhagen and North Zealand, several of whom have been regulars for many years.

Contact us, phone:+45 70 15 90 07

While you are abroad, our property management department can keep an eye on your property during the rental period. We also offer to create a moving in and moving out report, any repairs, painting, cleaning, renovation and additions, kitchen and bath etc., and miscellaneous yard work. You may obtain a more detailed explanation of our proprietary service offerings through our staff.

If you would like an inspection or a free non-binding assessment in regards to rental or sale, or both, we are ready to serve you.

Our hours are Monday - Thursday 9:00 am - 5:00 pm, Friday 9:00 am - 4:00 pm.




Peter Sander, CEO

Cell: +45 20 26 43 64


John Vinther, Sales Manager

Cell: +45 20 11 16 59
Office: +45 39 46 02 45



Annelee ValinoCoordinator & Agent

phone: +45 70 15 90 07
office: +45 39 46 02 46


Nadja Kocher, Agent

cell: +45 23 26 07 35
office: +45 39 46 02 48


Camilla Dalskjær, Agent

cell: +45 23 26 07 70
office: +45 39 46 02 49


Charlotte Rønne KrøigaardAgent

cell: +45 23 26 07 88, 
+45 39 46 02 44



Heidi Hintze Janster, Controller & administration

cell: +45 20 16 90 07


Sandra Katalina, Contracts & administration

cell: +45 20 22 95 07
office: +45 39 46 02 43



Frank Jensen, Property Inspector

cell: +45 20 30 00 67