Charming home - 3 bedrooms

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Charming home - 3 bedrooms

Charming and well-appointed home on 2 levels located in former big farm HOusewith very large communal garden with its own lake. There is 1.5 km to Birkerød Station and bus connection from the road to the Station.
The apartment is furnished with entrance hall on the ground floor with access to smaller room, the first floor contains 2 more large bedrooms, smaller living room and kitchen with all necessary appliances. furthermore, shower room. There is a carport belonging to the residence. Communal laundry - fiber network is installed in the home.

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+ 45 70 15 90 07


+45 70 15 90 07

Opening hours

Mon. - Fri 9 am – 4 pm
Sunday by appointment


Hellerupvej 78
2900 Hellerup DK