Expats only. Beautiful apartment on Østerbro

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Expats only. Beautiful apartment on Østerbro

Beautiful apartment in a property from 1898, with fantastic location on Østerbro just opposite Østre anlæg, and walking distance to Østerport Station, Copenhagen city center, cafés, shopping and much more.
The apartment contains an entrance hall, room with washing machine and dryer and a loft where guests can stay overnight, 4 living rooms ensuite where the two end living rooms are obvious to use as rooms as they can be closed with the apartment's beautiful original double doors. Master bedroom with long closet wall, bathroom with shower and kitchen with all appliances.

Private storage room.

Not for rent to students or as shared housing.

Request a free showing of the property

+ 45 70 15 90 07


+45 70 15 90 07

Opening hours

Mon. - Fri 9 am – 4 pm
Sunday by appointment


Hellerupvej 78
2900 Hellerup DK